My Name is Rio Nisafa

My Name is Rio Nisafa

My name is Rio Nisafa. Because my name is Rio, I want traveling to Rio de Janeiro, driving my own car KIA Rio, or spray Escada Parfume, Rockin Rio, ….. in fact I could only drink Teh Rio.

I love watch porn movie. It’s a simple and entertaining. First, you don’t thinking about how movie ending. It’s always happy ending. Second, if you watch porn movie, you’re smart guy. you don’t need subtitles. Third, you can learn political stuff in porn movie. You know we have member of DPR watch a porn movie in sidang paripurna…. or they make porn movie with dangdut singer.

Indonesian people really like to watch porn movies. Once upon a time, the word “miyabi” became an indonesia’s top search on google . Miyabi became frequent searches Indonesian society. It’s weird for me, the keywords should be searched by Indonesian society is justice and welfare. Because justice and welfare never exist, Indonesian people trying to entertain themselves by watching miyabi.

Porn movies have many genre. Porn movie with group of boy and girl categorized “Gangbang”… a place where they do it, called “Gang Dolly”

Porn movie with three movie star categorized “Threesome”. If only one man, play in porn movie, we categorize it as “handsome”….. the actor not always good looking… but he play with his hand.


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